You Stay Classy: Credit Card Bottle Opener

Credit Card Bottle Opener for Your Wallet

Credit Card Bottle Opener for Your Wallet

Want to look like the smoothest guy on the planet, whip out a credit card bottle opener at a party and help some little cutie get easy access to her beverage.

We’ve all been there, and while the drunk guy that knows how to open a bottle with his teeth may be the most innovative person you’ve ever met while wasted, there’s nothing more impressive than a guy who’s prepared.

We’ve see the belt buckle bottle opener, we’ve seen the key chain bottle opener, but nothing is more James Bond than a guy who carries a Credit Card Bottle Opener in their wallet.

Think about it, women love credit cards. You’re using their favorite thing in the world to help them open their drink. It’s genius.

Best think is, this awesome BroRated and approved Credit Card Bottle Opener is only $2 at Amazon.


Pet Peeve: Don’t Carry Around a Piece of Crap Wallet

When you click on the link to grab your Credit Card Bottle Opener you’ll see a picture of the most beat up piece of sh!t wallet as an example of the bottle opener in action. This drives me nuts. Why not showcase your item in a nice high quality wallet?

I’m confident that your friends will be impressed the second you whip out your bottle opener, but if some smart guy wants to cut you down, he’ll target your George Costanza wallet.



Get a Decent Wallet

That Seinfeld episode was classic, but it’s more accurate than funny.

They’re are dudes carrying around wallets just like Georges exploding wallet everyday.

Do yourself a favor and get a decent wallet to go with your new bottle opener. I did a quick search at Amazon and found a few wallets that are under $20 that all have very high approval rates.

Amazon has super cheap (if not free shipping) on all of their items.

Thank me later.






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