WynCASE™ iPhone Gaming Console

WynCASE™ iPhone Gaming Console

Kickstarter has one great idea for every 25 submissions, and WynCASE™ is my early favorite of the month. WynCASE™ lets you play games on your iPhone or iPod Touch with real buttons. It feels just like a real controller in your hands, instantly giving you more control of your games. This allows a much better view of the action with your hands off the screen. Play your games, new and old for a whole new level of experience, reaching higher scores by having the ultimate competitive advantage.

With no batteries or draining battery from the iPhone, you can always count on it when you need it. Just snap it on and start playing, or flip it around when not in use for added style and protection.

In addition to being a game controller, we designed the WynCASE to be a high quality protective case which provides an added layer of protection to keep your phone safe. -Very clever.

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