Worlds Best Beers of 2015

Best Beers of 2015

The start of a new year means a fresh beginning for many things. People everywhere use the turning of the calendar year as a way to start over. Yet, before we all start 2016 with high hopes and ambitions of better things to come, we need to look back at the best of 2015.

I’m not talking about the long boring prime time award shows for Movies, Music and TV, I’m talking about something far better… beer awards. has gone above and beyond to taste and compare the best beers from all over the world. The list of winners is massive, with categories for so many different types of beers. Check out some of the top few that caught my interest.

But first, did you know that drinking beer is actually good for you?

It’s true.

Beer StudyI came across a great article – while drinking beer of course– called 8 Scientific Studies That Prove Beer Is Good For You written by Christopher Osburn from Cool Material.

In the article Christopher talks about some of the recent case studies and benefits that come along with drinking beer. And I’m not talking about things like inflated self esteem or being able to burp the alphabet (watch this lol), I mean actually benefits like:

  • Drinking Beer Will Make Your Bones Stronger
  • Drinking Beer Can Help Block Inflammation
  • Drinking Beer Can Help Prevent Cancer
  • Drinking Beer Makes Your Heart Stronger
  • Prevent Kidney Stones By Drinking Beer
  • Drinking Beer Helps With Digestion
  • Drinking Beer Can Help Prevent Alzheimer ’s Disease
  • Drinking Beer Actually Makes You Skinnier:

On to the awards!!! Here’s is a quick recap of the best beers for 2015 and some of the top category winners.

Best Beers of 2015

World’s Best Pale Beer

World’s Best Dark Beer

World’s BestFlavoured Beer

World’s Best Lager

World’s Best Sour Beer

World’s BestSpeciality Beer

World’s BestStout & Porter

World’s Best Wheat Beer

World’s Best Label

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