Nike+ SportWatch GPS


Nike Enhances Your Workout

The new and inovative Nike+ SportWatch GPS keeps you motivated and on track with unique features like automatic run-reminders. The goal is your own personal running coach, right on your wrist.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS feature list includes time, pace, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. You may customize the display. If you want advanced features such as virtual training partners, interval workouts, pace and heart rate alerts and zones, and multi-sport modes, you’ll need to look at other brands. Although I anticipate Nike will expand its GPS watch range upward in the future. The GPS features (distance, speed, location) were reasonably accurate when compared with known-accurate devices in my tests.

Display metrics and animations include:
Calories, Time (12 or 24 hour), Battery Status, Charging, Time Elapsed, Average Pace, Instant Pace, Stopwatch, Alarm, Distance, History, Records, Tap Functionality, Backlight, Laps, Intervals, End of Run Messages, Run Reminders.

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