Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy

Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy

Fantasy Championship Belt Trophy

Fantasy Football Playoffs are starting this week and those looking for the ultimate way to brag amongst league owners need to consider getting a Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy. You’ve seen the fantasy football champion T-Shirt before, you’ve received the league wide email from previous winners talking trash about what little bitches you are or how they’re going to spend the prize money, but nothing… and I mean nothing can compare to rocking a Fantasy Championship Belt as the Trophy.

The best part is you can bring it to next years draft and break out all the classic WWF (yeah I used the “F” for Federation) quotes from famous wrestlers. Maybe even change your Fantasy team name to Macho Man or Jake the Snake Roberts for the following year. For you youngsters lost on the references, I’m talking about old school wrestling, back when it wasn’t all T&A and speak to the crowd for 45 minutes, but I digress.

I guess the only problem with getting your hands on one of these kickass fantasy Championship Belts has to be that you’ll need to buy it now. As these trophies always seem to sell out fast. I waited last year and missed out as the flew off the shelves around Xmas. So that would mean buying it before you actually won the championship -lol. Which in a way… is probably the most badass way to start telling the story. Picture yourself walking into the room where the losers you crushed with your fantasy team are hanging out. You have the Belt/Trophy draped over one shoulder and as they gaze up at it eyes wide open, you  -preferably drinking a beer- tell them you bought the Trophy weeks ago, as you knew you were going to win the fantasy championship and kick all their asses from the very beginning. Of if you don’t win, you can just keep the trophy hidden in the closet until next year -haha.

Fantasy Football Championship TrophyFantasy Championship Belt Trophy Details

  • 55″ Length will fit around your waist or shoulder
  • Both end plates are left blank for engraving your league name, winner name, and anything else you want to engrave
  • Main buckle and all side buckles made of real metal. No PLASTIC!
  • Belt Strap made thick, high-quality PU Leather
  • Main buckle is 11″ x 9″

Product Reviews:

Product arrived today, and our whole league could not be more thrilled! Very impressed with the weight, build quality and overall feel of the belt. Perfect for bragging rights, this belt will be a league staple going forward, and easily bests the trophies from the other leagues I’m in…read more

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