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4 Easy Home Remedies for Cough and Cold for Adults

Your alarm goes off and as you reach for the snooze button, it hits you. Your throat is dry and scratchy. You try to stretch and as you suck in your breath, your left nostril clogs. That’s right, you’ve got a cold. So what should you do?

Cooking Tips

6 Cooking Tips and Tricks for Guys

Attaining a certain level of confidence in the kitchen is essential to becoming a self-sufficient, modern grown up. Buying take-out each night and eating it on the couch will effect your body, mind or both eventually. Cooking for yourself is...

Best BBQ Grilling Accessories

5 Best BBQ Grilling Accessories Every Man Should Own

Few things make a man feel even manlier than standing over a piping hot grill or smoker. There is nothing like having the boys over, cracking open a few beers and watching as our meat reaches its perfect internal temperature. Whether you’re...

Credit Card Bottle Opener for Your Wallet

You Stay Classy: Credit Card Bottle Opener

Want to look like the smoothest guy on the planet, whip out a credit card bottle opener at a party and help some little cutie get easy access to her beverage. We've all been there, and while the drunk guy that knows how to open a bottle with...

8 Hangover Cures That Work

8 Hangover Cures That Work A simple, reliable, and effective morning solution to drinking too much the night before is a secret sought after nearly as much as the fountain of youth. With equally successful results. Like the snake oil salesman...