Book Review: “Parcells: A Football Life”

Parcells A Football LifeBook Review: “Parcells: A Football Life”

“Knowledge is confidence. And confidence lets you play fast.” Bill Parcells— the ever famous football coach, would never say these words if all he wanted was mediocrity. He didn’t just dream for success but he achieved it by exhibiting the best of his abilities in his chosen field. He delivered and succeeded.

If you are inspired by his conviction you should definitely read the book he had written with reporter and award-winning feature writer, Nunyo Demasio. Football enthusiasts will surely love reading Parcells: A Football Life. What can you expect from this multi-awarded duo? Of course, a well-written book! This book came out just last September 2014, on hard cover and had received several good reviews. It only goes to show that fans, coaches and players of football are moved by the book. It contains 544 pages but surely, you will just be like under a spell and you would finish reading it for 5 days or less. Many have said that they truly enjoyed the book and it was hard to put it down even for an hour. It was like entertainment, information and inspiration rolled into one.

The book will bring you into Parcells’s world from his childhood days up to his victorious years after beating all the challenges he encountered in his life. His influence, determination and confidence led underdogs New York Giants, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys into the path of triumph. His achievements sent him to the Hall of Fame. This is a must-read book especially to football coaches who are planning to follow Parcells’s footsteps. His techniques would not just amaze you but would really bring out the best in you.

So if you tell your friends, “Only real men watch football”, why not say, “Only real men read Parcells” as well.

As an Eagles fan I felt wrong for even picking up this book, but it was a good read and I would recommend it to any football fan

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