BluBlocker Sunglasses Review

BluBlocker Sunglasses
[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ummer is coming at us fast, and I for one am excited for all that sunshine and the long list of smile inducing things that come along with it: girls switching from jeans to short shorts, drinking beer in the park, girls in short shorts, riding a bicycle to work, and short shorts (did I mention short shorts? I’m a fan). Then there’s the downside of having a giant ball of hydrogen perpetually exploding in our sky: UV rays, skin cancer causing UVB rays, Mega Death Rays, all kinds of rays that really want to wreck your program.

Enter BluBlocker sunglasses technology, the Spartan phalanx defense system for your eyeballs. Not only do they block 100% of UV rays, the lenses are scratch resistant and you can get after them with a hammer and they won’t shatter. That’s ballistic grade protection. The guys over at BluBlocker have even received emails from customers who were involved in car accidents while wearing their product, car accidents that would have resulted in serious eye trauma and possible blindness had they been wearing regular sunglasses. Talk about getting value out of your purchase.

Aside from their unquestionable functionality, BluBlockers come with a seriously aesthetically pleasing feature that in my opinion puts them leagues ahead of other types of eye wear. By blocking blue light the lenses bring out a focus and clarity that is unmatched, causing greens and yellows to pop vibrantly. I consider them reality enhancement lenses, especially compared to a standard lens that paints your vision with the dull grey hues of WWII era Stalingrad.

This summer there’s no better option for comprehensive eye protection paired with a refreshingly colorful viewing experience….of girls in short shorts.

BluBlocker Sunglasses BluBlocker Sunglasses BluBlocker Sunglasses


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