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Apple TV

Product Review: Apple TV

Five Stars Again to Apple

For anyone who’s a certified Walking Dead fan, missing an episode is just like getting yourself bitten by a zombie without giving a good fight. It can be very disappointing. Thank god there’s online streaming. Missing an episode of my favorite show is a thing of the past. But with all different products out there promising you a great service, I find Apple TV as the best one in the market and here’s why:

  • Loaded with channels. What Apple TV provides is a wide selection of channels that you can choose from. It doesn’t give you a free-to-air channels nor record shows while you are away. What it gives you is an access to internet media services like iTunes, Hulu and Netflix where you can purchase or rent movies and shows. The list is growing as it tries to capture a bigger audience in the US as well as in other countries like UK and even as far as Brazil.
  • User-friendly interface. Remaining true with other Apple’s products like iPhone and Mac, its interface is simple and easy to use. I have been an iOS user for quite a long time, so moving through the different menus is a no brainer. On the main screen you will see big icons for TV programs, Films, Settings and other third-party options such as Netflix. What’s cool in shifting from one menu to another is that you can use the remote control that comes with the box or use the Remote App right on your iPhone. Adding to that, with the updates on its software, you can integrate Apple’s Wireless Keyboard via bluetooth.
  • Sleek design. What makes Apple’s products unique is how intuitive there design is. There are no complicated buttons or ports. It’s a stylish little black box that can totally blend in and be tucked underneath your TV. It can sometimes be mistaken as Mac mini with its shiny black and curvy sides. Weighing only 27g, you know you can easily grab it when flesh-eating zombie knocks on your door.

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